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viernes, 30 de enero de 2015


Michael Talbott es un actor y realizador estadounidense nacido el 2 de febrero de 1955 en Waverly, Iowa (Estados Unidos).

Como actor
1973: Blood Sport (TV): Bubba Montgomery
1974: Unwed Father (TV): Corey
1974: If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? (TV)
1974: Big Bad Mama: Sheriff's Son
1976: Carrie: Freddy
1977: The Reunion
1978: The Initiation of Sarah (TV): Freddie
1978: A Death in Canaan (TV): Trooper Miles
1978: Big Wednesday: Hog
1980: Amber Waves (TV): Tork Torkelson
1980: To Race the Wind (TV): Burly Man
1980: Used Cars: Mickey
1980: Foolin' Around: Clay
1980: Any Which Way You Can: Officer Morgan
1981: Mommie Dearest: Driver
1982: This Is Kate Bennett... (TV): Gary Harris
1982: Rambo I (First Blood): Deputy Balford
1983: Uncommon Valor (TV): Fireman
1983: Heart Like a Wheel: Englishtown Announcer
1983: Vacation: Cowboy
1983: Memorial Day (TV): Watney
1984: The Seduction of Gina (TV): Gregg
1984: Racing with the Moon: Bill
1984: Miami Vice (TV): Stan Switek
1985: Space (TV): Tom Savage
1986: Manhunter: Geehan
1988: Miles from Home: Pick-up Owner
1988: Going to the Chapel (TV): Marty
1990: Little Vegas: Linus
1991: Sunset Heat: Bartender
1991: Guilty as Charged: Spencer
1991: Runaway Father (TV)
1992: Hero: State Police Officer at Crash Site
1993: Acting on Impulse (TV): Melvin
1993: Jack Reed: Badge of Honor (TV): Det. Eddie Dirkson
1994: Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (TV): Eddie Dirkson
1995: Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys: Scumbag
1995: Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie: Car Jerk
1995 : Out There (TV): Haywood Roussell
1995 : Jack Reed: One of Our Own (TV): Det. Eddie Dirkson
1997 : Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance (TV): Eddie Dirkson
2001 : Three Blind Mice (TV): Jimmy Farrell

Como realizador
1977: The Reunion